The Positively Last Performance

The Positively Last Performance by Geraldine McCaughrean

the positively last


This a bathing machine. Does it help you picture the incident with PC Dixon?

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  1. Welcome to the Blog!

    At our first meeting this week Book Clubbers began our new book and we decided to discuss up to the end of chapter 6 in our next meeting.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with the author’s descriptive style. I wonder if this will be a scary book or perhaps darkly humourous…

  2. this book is r confusing first really confusing first lily oliver is singing then a councillor comes in and says the theatre smells bad then a man living by the sea named Mr letts says that he should close the whole thing????

  3. I like how the author used words that describe dark and Adsense and like old and rotting,instead of saying: It’s dark in the theatre

  4. How did Gracie know first of all that the royal theatre had ghosts in it?
    Because she one day walked into the Royal and she suddenly knew there was ghosts?
    And how old is Gracie?

  5. Super discussions at Book Club today!

    Overall everyone felt positive about the book, particularly the humour and theme of ghosts, although some of us are still getting to grips with the descriptive style and unfamiliar vocabulary the author uses. Top tips from Hummingbird and Keepcalmandlovehorses are to keep a piece of paper in your book to note down words you don’t know and to ask adults or look things up in a dictionary or on the internet.

    Everyone was interested in how the characters of the ghosts are being gradually introduced. Fluffy Bunny thought it was a bit of a tease, but I think introducing the ghosts through them telling their own stories is very engaging. It makes you read on!

    There was an interesting discussion about when the story is set and we thought it was unusual and exciting that characters from different periods in history to meet and interact. We can’t decide if all the ghosts are from the same time in history.

    Lots of ideas about why Gracie sees ghosts. Keepcalmandlovehorses suggested it could be a gift passed down in her family. Perhaps from Nanna Glossop. Footiekane likened her gift to a character from “Paranorman” and commented that it is often children who can see ghosts in books and films. Fluffy Bunny wonders if Gracie’s ability to see ghosts might be linked to her love of the theatre (as that is where all the ghosts live).

    We tried to predict if the theatre will be opened. Rossiboy and FootieKane think there will be a happy ending, but Hummingbee, Keepcalmandlovehorses and Fluffy Bunny were not so sure.

    Next week…more ideas about why Gracie can see the ghosts.
    We will discuss up to Chapter 12.

    Happy reading!

  6. Exciting news! Geraldine MaCaughrean tweeted us!

    I tweeted her to say:

    @GMcCaughrean Rediscovering the pleasure of sharing books reading #ThePositivelyLastPerformance with children at Book Club.

    She favourited this tweet so I asked her,

    @GMcCaughrean What’s your favourite thing about reading? #inspiringyoungminds

    Her response was;

    My favourite thing about reading is having the opportunity to stop being myself and be someone different for a little while.

  7. Week Three

    Great discussion about the clash of old and new in the book. It’s interesting how the characters misunderstand each other because they are from different times. We also find some of the language and stories difficult because we are from the modern world. I said that I will try to post information and links about some of the historical stuff on here.

    Keepcalmandlovehorses mentioned how she has found it quite funny when Gracie is talking to the ghosts and other living people are there. Keep a look out for this during the week and we will look at these next Friday.

    We still can’t decide why it is that Gracie can see the ghosts. Hummingbee posed the question “Will Gracie bring them back to life…or is the book too serious?” What do you think? Keepcalmandlove horses thinks that once the electrics are fixed that might shed some light on the matter…will the ghosts have shadows?

    We will read up to chapter 13 for next week.

    Happy reading! 🙂

  8. Week Four

    There was a great indepth discussion about the Olivers today. Hummingbee thought that the reasons Roland gave for marrying Lily were selfish and Footiekane agreed, saying that it was all about money. We all agreed that Roland was quite vain and self centred.

    I really enjoyed our shared re-reading of the section leading up to Roland’s death. After talking about how vain he was and how everything that other people thought about him was based on his looks (especially people in the audience) it was more clear why he killed himself.

    There was some disagreement about Lily’s reaction. Hummingbee thought she had a right to be angry because Roland had never really loved her, whileFootiekane and Keepcalmandlovehorses thought it showed that she was only married to him for money too (“What did you think you were doing? In the middle of a three-week run? p90).

    In chapter 11 Gracie and Lily work together to help Roland find a way to cover his baldness and feel more confident. Hummingbee talked about how Gracie is a good listener. All Book Clubbers are interested to see if Gracie will solve any more problems for the ghosts? Is she going to deal with their “unfinished business”?

    Happy Reading! 🙂
    Blogging in the ICT suite Monday playtime.

    • Sorry everybody! No we forgot to agree a target chapter in our Easter Eggcitement!

      How about everyone reads as far ad they can and we’ll see where everyone’s up to on Friday.

      We were talking a lot about how Gracie is changing the ghosts and their relationships with each other last club. I’m still interested in why Gracie is involved at all…is she special? Has she had a near death experience? Is she ghost or part ghost?

  9. A small, but productive book club this week.

    We had a great chat about Maurice after reading ahead to a section where he is seen by a loving person.

    Fluffy Bunny predicts that more of the ghosts will become visible. Keep Calm and Love Horses thought that this might lead to the ghosts joining the “real” world and living amongst the living. We had quite an in-depth chat about the power of invisibility and if the ghosts can choose to be seen or not seen.

    We will discuss up to chapter 20 next time, and want to carry on our chat about invisibility.

    Happy reading!

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