Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder

Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder: Time Travel Bath Bomb by Jo Nesbo

fart powder

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  1. liked how they got a letter from dr. Procter to lead (I think) them to the main adventure

    P.s who is meant to type up what we talked about last week

  2. So S.L minecraft thinks dr Procter will go back in time to change his past events.we all agreed that Jo Neso’s chapter titles are funny and imaginative .katty thinks that it is wired that the postcard is written backwards,book lover likes the suspense at the beginning . S.L minecraft thinks it’s FARTASTIC.Smithers thinks the long coat lady is going to follow them to Paris .

    Read up to chapter 8
    Smithers is writer
    S.L minecraft chair person

    Katty folder ppppplllllllzzzzz

  3. Sorry that we couldn’t write up what we talked about the first book club but here it is.
    28 febuary 2014 friday.
    Docter Procters fart powder time travel bath bomb.
    Nilly: A boy with a mum and and sister who don’t care about him.
    Lisa: Nilly’s best friend who goes to the same school as him.
    Docter Procter: Mad inventor who’s friend’s with Nilly and Lisa and who makes the best jelly ever.
    Troublesome twins: Troul and Trim really mean just like their father. Mean to Nilly and lisa all the time.
    I haven’t read anymore from chapter 4 yet.

  4. I’m on chapter 7 I love the hippos they r epic !
    Juliette Margarine’s story is really strange.
    Katty remember to bring the folder.
    I’m really enjoying the book.
    Annoyed I can’t come on Friday can some one reply to this to tell me what happened:-)

  5. I’m up to chapter ten even though we were only meant to read up to chapter eight but still I did anyway!
    I love the hippos because hippos are so cute but the hippos in the book aren’t cute they’re probably really ugly and hideous.
    I think its funny how doctor Procter is really called doctor victor Procter, I think its funny because its just really weird to have a first name as Victor.

  6. Shall we decide on a theme for this week’s club? Then we will have a more focused discussion.
    And by the way S L mine craft I will tell you what happens next book club without you:

  7. I was thinking when is Juliette actually going to meet lisa and Nilly and she finally has. How lisa met Juilette was really weird those giant snails made me cringe but Nilly going into history was amazing. I liked that they still haven’t met docter procter. The really weird bit was that how did Nilly get into lisa suitcase without herself noticing and how weird was it when the taxi driver didn’t notice when Nilly was there. Juliette was freaky when she was just following Lisa around I thought she was the person from the long cloak shop but her husband was a horrible person with his hippos as a gang I felt so sorry for Juilette and how she couldn’t marry docter procter she did love him so why couldn’t her father see that?

  8. Yeah I like the hippos they are like goons but worse I think Juliette’s background is quite strange I would love to be actually in the book

  9. S L mine craft and any one else who has forgot what happened at book club this week i am just going to tell you. Well what happened was we all talked about the book and we each said something that we had enjoyed so far or what we wanted to share with the other members of book club.

    Here is what we wrote in the book club book: Everybody likes the hippos! Katty liked how it tells you Juliettes actual story and doesn’t just say “she told Lisa her whole story”. Book Lover doesn’t like Juliette. Smithers liked the way Nilly and Lisa split up and can’t find each other again. Book Lover doesn’t like the giant snails! Smithers and Matty thought the giant snails were going to be spiders. Smithers likes Nilly best while Book Worm loves Lisa and Katty likes Doctor Victor Proctor While Matty and Sam love the hippos the best.

    Next week S L mine craft will be the minute and Matty will be the chair person. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!:)

  10. I’ve read up to chapter 12 and I’m not going to read any more otherwise I wont be able to keep in what has happened and I will probably spoil the story for every one on the blog if I do so I wont!

  11. Why isn’t any one else blogging accept me?
    Also how is everybody doing on the book and where are you up to in the book?

    I think it’s going to tell you all about Raspa and her background and a bit about her life and a bit about what happened to her and reveal who she really is.

  12. I haven’t read any of the book so far but I’m sure I will sooner or later!
    Why isn’t any one blogging in the week apart from on Monday play when we do it with Miss Simpkins?
    Also I think I am the only one who Bligh’s now so could other people start blogging to please?
    Thank you!

  13. I haven’t read any more from last week because I have forgotten what chapter we have to read up to. Does anybody know what chapter we are supposed to read up to? Anyway there is a few things that we didn’t get chance to talk about last book club so I just want to mention a few now. Well you know that Eddie the cyclist left without saying a proper goodbye but I thought that was rather odd even though he said he didn’t want to wake Nilly up. In the letter he didn’t even say where he was going I think but I can’t really remember. Also Anna that Lisa met in the past. I think she is Lisa’s old friend who was in the present that moved house for some sort of reason. Does any one else have any other suspicions about her or agrees with me?

  14. 21/3/14 book club At the beginning nilly was Lisa’s best friend apart from Anna and Katty thinks that Anna Showli is the same Anna. Booklover is excited about Lisa going in the bath and finding out what’s at the other side. Booklover thinks Lisa will meet Eddy. Booklover thinks that the hippos will turn good. Booklover thinks there will be an army against doctor proctor Smithers thinks that Anna Showli is the young Raspa.

    SL minecraft will be writer next week

  15. M is M said some one is going to die soon. Smithers says that it builds up the tension and then just ends the chapter. Book worm says that Jo Nesbo went a little over the top when he made nilly say to the soldier’s to go name and have breakfast. Book worm wonders what Juliette will do in the future. Smithers thinks that chlinche clanche is the blood bath and book worm, M is and Katty agree with her. Book worm thinks that the moon camelians are the hippos in discise.

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