The Phenomenals- A Game of Ghouls

a game of ghouls

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  1. I forgot to mention earlier, but I have published your three word reviews of the books you recommended in our final session before Christmas. You can find them on the Book Club page.

  2. Week 1
    We have good impressions on the blurb because it tells you abit about what happens in the book not just introducing the characters. Annie Orphan thinks the front cover is inspiring and intriguing because it is different. We have agreed that we will read up to chapter 6 and mainly discuss about the first chapter because it would really start our club off well !

  3. Last week was very interesting. Lots of different things were brought up including
    the gadget that Folly used to make things that were invisible visible (Heather).Olivia liked the creture called a Pluribus because she thought it sounded awesome.Elliot liked how chapter 6 left you in suspense and Reuben still likes Vincents magnetic hand.We have agreed to read up to chapter 11 although Elliot has finished the book already see you next week bye.

  4. WEEK 3
    At our book club we discussed about chapter 6-11! Anna said “I liked reading about the mirror in the wall”. Elliot said “I liked reading the Deringolade Daily”. Olivia said ” I liked the part when they went into the tunnel at Deringolade Manor”. Sarah said “I like how Edger normally starts all the arguments but this time Leopold Kamptulicon starts the argument”. Heather said “I like how they describe Deringolade Manor”. Ruben said “I like all the curses and spells in Kamptulicon’s book”. We all liked the glossary because it tells you what all the made up words mean. At book club we discussed to read up to chapter 16 (page 104)

    • It sounds interesting how the author has used a mixture of non-fiction text types within the story. (you mentioned the Deringolade Daily and a glossary). Why do you think it’s so effective?

      • Well I like how F.E.Higgins (the author) sort of tells the story and jumps to conclusions in The Degringolade Daily. I also think that the glossary is helpful if you don’t know what a word means,or if you have forgotten the meaning.

  5. On the 31st of Jan we discussed the pheonomonals a game of ghouls.
    Bishcow-I like the chapter titles because they are catchy.
    Reuben Reader- I like the names of the creatures and objects.
    Max the Meerkat-I like the fact that they have to fix the kronometre or people will die.

  6. Week 5
    This week we discussed about the whole book , well those who have finished it . We did a few spoilers but that didn’t really matter
    because it was a meeting.

    hettypanda2: I like the part were Citrine and Vincent nearly die , and I like also like the trap because it is cunning.
    Max the Meerkat: I also like the trap it is cool.
    Rueben reader: looking back I like the tunnel and the trap sounds cool.
    sezzyb: I like Leopold Kamptulicon generally, and how he sort of hangs out and is with Edgar Capodel and Lucier D’Avidus.

    We all thoroughly enjoyed book club!!! 🙂 🙂
    We are all going to recommend a book and put up its blurb.
    🙂 !

  7. I recomend homecoming by Michael Morpurgo because its a very moving story and quite different from other books.This is the blurb:Michael loves to visit Mrs Pettigrew
    in her railway carrige by the sea,where she lives with her donkey,dogs and hens.But
    where plans are made to build a nucular power station,Mrs Pettigrew’s idyllic life becomes threatand- and Michael learns that nothing can ever stay the same.

    P.S sorry about spellings

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