In A Glass Grimmly

In a Glass Grimmly

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  1. Our new book clubbers have chosen the “In a Glass Grimmly” by Adam Gidwitz.

    We were attracted by the mysterious blurb and the opening few pages which suggest a twist in a traditional tale.

    It was agreed that we would read up to the end of chapter 2.

    Happy reading!

  2. I’ve just been reading a little bit about the author online. I didn’t realise this was a sequal. Has anyone read the first book “A Tale Dark and Grimm”?

    Hopefully we will enjoy it as a stand alone story. I suppose he can always read the first book afterwards if this one is as good as I hope it will be!

  3. I like the frog, he’s funny. I’m really enjoying it so far. My favourite part was where the frog is swung around and his leg got eaten by the weasel.

  4. Excellent Club session tonight!

    It seems that we are all enjoying the book, although it has taken some getting in to. We all agreed that the commentator voice is an unusual but an amusing and helpful addition. There was some suggestion that the commentator mirrors the thoughts and responses of the reader.

    We are also enjoying seeing tales we think we all know from unusal view points and with subtly different characters.

    Brilliant discussion points raised by all Book Clubbers! These are what we chose for discussion next time.
    – How do the stories all link together? When does the quest come in to it?
    – Does the begger come in to the story again?
    – Are the salamanders important?
    – Will we hear any more about the magic cloth? Did she really see? Is it a double bluff?

    We agreed to read up to chapter 5 for next time.

  5. Lots of shady characters on the edge of the action; a group of suspicious beggars, a strange, bent backed woman and a slightly unnerving old man selling magic beans… hmm…

  6. Really clever from jill with the porridge I’M on page 166 chapter eight . I had to read back through chapter five but can’t believe they fell out of the clouds!

  7. Week three of book club and I got the feeling that the Book Clubbers are hooked on this one!

    Most of our discussions this week centred around the peripheral characters in the story who only feature for a short time, but seem to have a big impact on events. In this group we included Marie (and the village boys), “The Bean Man”, “The Looking Glass Woman”, the merchant (who made the magic cloth), the people outside the church (from the very beginning of the story) and the beggar (who had the water emptied over him at the beginning).
    Smithers noticed the physical similarities between some of these characters and all Clubbers found evidence to back this up.
    Katty Kanga suggested that although these characters only appear momentarily they may be powerful. She quoted a passage from the meeting with “The Looking Glass Woman” in which she refers to “we” when explaining the looking glass and after being evasive in her answer about who she is talking about “the wind blew harder”.
    This opened a can of worms!
    – Could this bunch of minor characters actually be controlling/ directing Jack and Jill?
    – Was the plan meant for Jill’s mother originally-as the sequence of events which happen to her in chapter 1 almost repeat each themselves in chapter 2?
    – Are Jack and Jill the chosen ones? Why?
    – Why is the mirror important? Could it give youth and beauty (rather than showing it as in Snow White)?

    Talking of the mirror… Minecraftisme suggested we looked again at the blurb which tells us that “they went on a quest to find a looking glass, which really turned out to be a quest to find themselves”. We talked about how a mirror shows your own reflection, and wondered if the mirror is actually a metaphor. Both children seemed to be struggling to fit into their families at the beginning and need to find their own identities. Do you think Jill was still worrying about being beautiful when she poured porridge all over herself?

    Right at the end of our chat, Book Lover asked us what we thought about the frog.
    -Could he be part of this plan for Jack and Jill?
    -Does he know more than he is letting on?
    -Is he trying to tell Jill something? (He seems to keep very close to Jill and doesn’t seem to keen on Jack)

    Keep blogging!


    page 177 I can’t believe that about 6 people have been killed in the last 3-4 pages!!!!!!(but they were just goblin)

  9. I haven’t read any more from chapter 8 but I will tomorrow. tell you about when I have read it. I cant wait to read the next bit. I think jack wont take the sword.

    Is Jill still alive?
    Is Eidechsevonfeurder Menschenfleischfressende even alive?
    Where are they?
    CAN ANYBODY ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS (especially you Minecraftisme)?

  11. Week Four

    Excellent indepth chat about grouping characters this week.

    Craft King suggested that all the characters Jack and Jill meet could be grouped in 3 catergories; those who are trying to stop Jack and Jill finding the looking glass (we decided that the giants and mermaids would fit this profile), those characters who are encouraging or directing them to find the looking glass (the silk merchant, the old woman, the crows, the peddler who sells them the magic beans and the final surviving giant) and those who are “goodies” and actually help Jack and Jill (so far we only have the red bearded man in this set).

    Next time we decided to try and discuss which group the Goblins fit into. Are they in on the plan to retrive the looking glass? What’s in it for them?

    We have agreed to read as much as we can by our next meeting (14.2.14) as this will be our final Club session.

    Remember no Book Club this Friday (7.2.14).

  12. There’s an interesting section at the end of the book titled “Where do these stories come from?”. The author talks about the origin of the stories he has drawn on in the novel and a little bit about how he works. It might be interesting to discuss this at Book Club as you don’t need to have finished the story to read and talk about this bit. What do you think?

  13. Does anyone have any ideas for a book you could read and discuss independently after half term? It would be a good idea to decide on something by the end of our meeting on Friday so you are ready to start after the holiday.

    Some of my ideas:
    – You could read the first book in this series “A Tale Dark and Grimm.”
    – The comedy book which you chose not to read this time. (We have 6 copies of this book ready to go.)
    – Some original fairy tales as mentioned at the end of “In a Glass Grimmly”. Some of them you may not have heard of, and the original versions are quite dark.
    – One of the books recommended by the other Book group (have a look on the Book Club Blog).
    – “The Phenomenals- A Tangle of Traitors”- this is the book which the other group started with.

    Of course you can choose what ever you like as long as you decide in a fair way. Maybe you have something in mind? It’s a good idea to choose something that nobody has read before.

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