Boy X


12 thoughts on “Boy X

  1. Book clubbers were drawn to this book by the blurb’s promise of terror and adventure. We read the first chapter on Friday and were already hooked!

    We discussed Ash’s heightened senses and whether whatever he has been injected with could make him into some sort of super hero. We were also interested in the voice of fear in his head and the influence his dad might have on the story.

  2. This book is very well explained. In fact , it almost made me feel like I was a character in it. I would recommend it; however it is quite scary and mysterious, so if you are not a big fan of this genre, do not read it. Also some of the characters are only vaguely explained at the point that I am up to so far.

  3. The book is amazing and I can’t wait to read more! I think that it is very exiting where I am bursting to read more! It is very well described. It is so good that I can picture the image in my head of what is going on!

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