A New Hero- World of Warriors


A New Hero

World of Warriors

by Curtis Jobling

2 thoughts on “A New Hero- World of Warriors

  1. There was lots of excitement about our new book at Book Club on Friday. Lots of the group are aware of the games and collectables associated with the World of Warriors brand while other members of the group had a lot of knowledge about the various types of soldier featured in the story.

    We read the first few pages together and we were all intrigued by the main character Trick Hope. Connor 26 commented on the unusual name and we wondered if there might be anything behind it. We will discuss this next week.

    We decided to read up to the end of chapter 8 for the next session.

    Happy reading!

  2. We had an interesting if confusing discussion about the Wildlands tonight. We talked about where and when the Wildlands exist and also the possibility of it being a parallel universe. Some people thought that there are characters in the Wildlands that reflect the characters in Trick’s “real” life. We thought Kalaban was like Trick’s grandfather in some respects because he was wise and gave advice and that the bullies were like the skull army.

    Look out for more parallels in your reading this week.

    Read up to the end of chapter 22 for next week.

    Happy reading! 🙂

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