The Monkey’s Secret

monkeys secret

The Monkey’s Secret by Gennifer Choldenko

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  1. The new Book Clubbers unanimously voted to read “The Monkey’s Secret”. They were enticed by the mystery described in the blurb, but some found the opening a bit slow.

    We decided to read up to page 54 for next Friday and will discuss the characters and our predictions.

    Happy reading! 🙂

  2. Even though it was a bit slow at the start it is now more interesting. The part I am at now is very exciting. I don’t feel that I know many characters very well.

  3. There was lots of excitement at Book Club this afternoon. Everyone had got into the book and had ideas and questions about the characters and the plot so far.

    We are all still getting our heads around the characters and their relationships. Book Clubbers felt a little sorry for Lizzie with her busy dad, uninterested brother and mean aunty. Greenpea Studios thought that Lizzy and Billy might get along better later in the story or that they might have to work together to solve a mystery. Strawberry Fox didn’t think that Miss Barstow’s School for Young Women seemed the right place for Lizzie and we all agreed she would make a good doctor.

    Book Clubbers are keen to find out what has happened to Jing. King Renshaw suggested there might be something fishy going on as Uncle Karl dismissed Lizzy’s worries about Jing saying “He’s a grown man. There’s no telling where he is.”

    Cassie12 is keen to find out what the monkey has got to do with all this.

    We agreed to read up to the end of chapter 15 for next week.

    Happy reading! 🙂

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  4. Lots and lots of questions from Book Clubbers this week. Should Lizzie trust Billy? Who is the Monkey Man and what does Uncle Karl know about him? Is Gemma involved in the the mystery and why is she suddenly being so nice to Lizzy? Can we trust her? Will Noah get discovered?

    We also had a great discussion on prejudice- one of the themes listed on the blurb. Book Clubbers found lots of examples of sexism in the text and we also talked about Aunt Hortense and Uncle Karl’s treatment of their servants and questioned if this was influenced by race or class. We are all on the look out for more examples of prejudice as we read on.

    We have all been sucked into the mystery and many Book Clubers are finding it difficult not to read beyond our agreed stopping place, but this week we decided to read up to the end of chapter 23.

    Happy reading! 🙂

  5. Wow! Book Clubbers were excited by the dramatic turn of events in the novel this week.

    We were all a bit suspicious of Billy and why he turned up with the mob. Who’s side is he on?

    Where is Jing? We all want to know. He keeps disappearing. He is a mysterious character indeed.

    Strawberry Fox raised an interesting point about Lizzie. She suggested that Lizzie is being torn between what her Aunt wants her to do (become a real lady) and what her Dad wants her to do (be a scientist or doctor). We are all interested to see if this is resolved.

    For the next book club we will have finished the book. There is a training day next Friday so we will meet at another time during the school day, earlier in the week.

    Happy reading ! 🙂

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