The Tide Turner

The Tide Turner

By Angela McAllister

tide turner

12 thoughts on “The Tide Turner

  1. It was a tough decision to choose our new book, but all book clubbers are keen to get started with our new book The Tide Turner by Angela McAllister.

    A lot of the group are keen to read a fantasy story and were immediately hooked by the mystery and descriptive style.

    Happy reading!

  2. We had a lot to talk about today. We spent time talking about the different creatures and tribes which inhabit the ocean and how they might be related as well as talking through Cal and Jake’s family tree.

    After we had established the facts our chat centred around three main questions or themes.
    1. Who’s after Cal and Jake and why?
    2. Who’s The Tide Turner?
    3. Could Sylla still be alive?

    We agreed to read up to page 135 for the next meeting and hope to have some answers!

    Happy Reading! 🙂

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