Osbert the Avenger


Osbert the Avenger

By Christopher William Hill

28 thoughts on “Osbert the Avenger

  1. It was a difficult choice for the new book clubbers, but they have picked Osbert the Avenger to read. The expectation of a dark but humorous plot is what drew us in.

    Even whilst book clubbers made their first impressions of the book there were giggles and snorts of laughter coming from stuckinaduck. I can’t wait to get started.

    We agreed to read up to page 55 for next week. No plot spoilers please!

    Happy Reading 🙂

  2. Have you read up to chapter 4 yet? I didn’t expect him to go to school and leave home. Don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious how some characters have just left the story completely like the nanny?

  3. It’s fair to say that the book clubbers are enjoying this book. I could hardly stop them talking when it came to the end of today’s session.

    There were a variety of ideas put forward about which element of the story is the most sinister- the town of Schwartzgarten itself, the institute, Nanny or even Osbert. Book clubbers made many predictions about who Osbert might avenge in the story. Could it be Nanny? His Dad (who failed his entrance exam to the institute)? Mr Lomm?

    We also talked about glue a surprising amount. The children were linking the glue factory, the punishment of glueing mouths closed and the sinister sounding Bone-Orchard Street.

    We agreed to read to the end of chapter 6 for next week.

    Happy reading! 🙂

  4. We started off this week with a discussion around the school’s Latin motto which moonmini had translated.Book clubbers noted other incidents in the book where staff at the institute were promoting ignorance over learning. This can be seen in the episode of Osbert’s exclusion from school and the teacher’s apparent fear that Osbert is clever enough to pass the exam.

    On the whole book clubbers supported Osbert’s actions against Professor Ingelbrod. Stuckinaduck suggested this was just the start of a violent killing spree for Osbert and Birdiewordie suggested Isabella might become his partner in crime.

    We left considering Nanny’s role and what Osbert’s next move would be. We agreed to read up to the end of chapter ten for next week.

    Happy reading! 🙂

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